Vibration damping for PCB mounting

December 18, 2020
Vibration damping for PCB mounting
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At Dureco we do make low volume production and assembly of custom enclosures for different customers and projects. The majority of these units are installed on different vehicles and machinery.

One of the challenges is vibration. What we at Dureco learnt is that accomplishing to have the smallest enclosure as much as possible and providing a small, easy to mount package is very desirable to our clients.

It takes a lot of effort to make the unit smaller as shrinking the size the challenges with assembly are becoming greater. Secondly the installation requires vibration damping mounts, which sometimes are bigger than the whole unit and increase real estate, which units occupy when installed.

The mounting real estate on vehicles is a very precious commodity. We have solved the problem by using internal vibration damping mounts.

It took some time to get it to the point where we are very satisfied with our solution.

Using TPE material to create desired internal mounting brackets is a flexible and affordable solution for low volume production. As we are using FDM TPE filament the design concerns are minimal.

PCB flexible mount for aluminium extrusion

The TPE is better for vibration damping due to smaller rebound resilience (the ratio of energy returned and absorbed by material) then TPU, thus less vibrations reach the rigid part.

We have tried a few TPE filaments and after starting using TreeD Filament we stop the search as it’s easy to print, which is very important, if you need to reach consistency in producing the same part for small batches.

Check the range of TreeD flexible filaments.

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