Advantech cellular router FW 6.4.0

February 28, 2024
Advantech cellular router FW 6.4.0
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This is big release.

There are a lot of changes, which came with kernel update such as VRF support. A lot of WiFi related updates and fixes and enhancements to security and updates handling.

All details are in FW release notes.

Major Enhancements

  1. Linux Kernel Update: Upgraded to version 6.1 to incorporate critical updates and essential modifications.
  2. Router Apps Online Installation:A groundbreaking addition that simplifies the process of installing Router Apps directly onto the device.
  3. WiFi Scan Display Improvements: Enhanced display clarity and simplified WiFi station connection process.
  4. Online Firmware Update: Facilitates direct online firmware updates.
  5. Passwordless Console Login:Enables SSH login to the router without a password, utilizing SSH public keys.
  6. OpenVPN Upgrade: Updated to version 2.6.6, offering improvements in security, performance, and features. Refer to the warning message below.
  7. OpenSSL Upgrade: Updated to version 3.0, refer to the warning message below.
  8. CPU & Memory Usage Information: Real-time CPU and memory usage stats are now visible on the router's web interface.
  9. WiFi AP Radio Settings Adjustment: Allows the WiFi AP to align its radio settings with the connected foreign AP.
  10. SIP ALG Support: Implements support for SIP Application-Layer Gateway.
  11. Additional Improvements: Includes numerous fixes and enhancements to augment existing features.
  12. Security Fixes and Updates: Security vulnerabilities have been fixed and software components have been updated for enhanced security.
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