Router firmware 6.1.9

June 15, 2019
Advantech 4G router firmware version 6.1.9
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Advantech 4G Router Firmware 6.1.9 Download

Advantech 4G routers firmware 6.1.9 for download. Supported devices are SmartFlex, ICR-3232, ICR-3232W and others. Includes few new features and some bug fixes. 

Here is the list of my favourites:

Added report command

Now you can create reports from command line with information from all sections (status, user modules, log, configuration) or per section via command parameter. Check release notes for details.

Added Configurable Port Ranges

Port ranges can now be set in Firewall and NAT configuration pages instead of one static port.

Support for New SNMP OIDs

SNMP information related to the 1st and the 2nd cellular module is now separated into two independent sections. Support for the 2nd and the 3rd Ethernet interface was added as well.

Increased WiFi Throughput

Made a fix in Linux kernel which leads to increasing WiFi data throughput.

For the rest of updates and fixes please check Release Notes as this version is packed. There is a lot of program upgrades like OpenSSL, hostapd, etc. as their respective versions are upgraded in main linux.

 SmartFlex v3 all variants  Download
 ICR-323x  Download
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