Router Firmware 6.1.10

September 25, 2019
Router Firmware 6.1.10
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Advantech SmartFlex ICR-3232 Firmware 6.1.10

As usual, 6.1.10 brings a line of fixes and improvements on board. Just to point out some:

Brute-force login attack blocking mechanism

Implemented a protection mechanism that will block any HTTP(S) access from an IP address for one minute after three unsuccessful login attempts.

Filtering out of Sensitive Data

Sensitive data from the report are now filtered out for security reasons.

Note #1: The report can be generated in the GUI on Status -> System Log page by Save Report button.


Note #2: The report can be generated by the report command from the command line as well.

Dynamic execution time for automatic update

To reduce HTTP/FTP server peak load during the automatic update the configuration of this feature was enhanced. The updated feature also allows updating the firmware and the con- figuration file on the same day which was not possible before (in case the explicit time was set). There are two fields to configure this feature, Update Window Start and Update Window Length, see the table below for the description.

Support for encrypting configuration backup

Added support for encrypted backup and restoration of the router’s configuration. There are new Encryption Password and Decryption Password entry fields in the GUI for the encryption and decryption password. In case the password is not provided, the configuration will be stored into an unencrypted file.

Note: The feature of automatic configuration update now supports the decryption of an encrypted configuration file as well.

Support for OpenVPN Management Interface (configurable)

Support for the OpenVPN Management Interface was added to the firmware. This feature allows OpenVPN to be administratively controlled from an external program via a TCP or Unix domain socket. To enable this feature, enter --management parameter into the Extra Options field when configuring the OpenVPN tunnel in the GUI.

    For the rest of updates and fixes please check Release Notes as this version is packed. There is a lot of program upgrades like OpenSSL, hostapd, etc. as their respective versions are upgraded in main linux.

     SmartFlex v3 all variants  Download
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