Industrial location beacon outdoor testing

December 2, 2019
Industrial location beacon outdoor testing
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Work on location beacon for industrial harsh environment is progressing very well. With metal parts delivered. I could start to test different materials for additive manufacturing process.

I focus only on materials, which can be used long term outdoors under harsh Australian conditions. Ambient temperatures reaching over 60°C. Below picture is showing 68°C in lovely November temperature in Brisbane, Australia. This would be because of the black plastic housing of the temperature meter as Bosch BME280 in white housing was reporting 56°C.

Industrial Location Beacon in 68°C ambient

As we do have temperature sensor available on the location beacon. Monitoring the temperature inside of the housing is very easy. But how the temperature inside of the housing translate to ambient temperature?

Measurements taken over 3 days. How does the colour of the outdoor housing affect temperature?

Industrial Location beacon ambient temperature vs inside of the enclosure

The temperature inside the IDEGG Industrial Location Beacon max out around midday, where it goes 10°C above the ambient temperature reported by the same sensor. From the graphs, we see this happens only for a short period of time and then the temperature normalise with ambient temperature.

Next we will have a look at how colour of the enclosure affect a temperature inside of the enclosure.

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