Advantech Firmware 6.2.5

July 13, 2020
Advantech Firmware 6.2.5
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This release is not essential and does fix some issues, but nothing major. I consider it same as Advantech bug fixes and some goodies release. Below is my list of stand out changes. Full release notes are here Release Notes.

Highlight changes

  • Support for 802.1X Authenticator
  • Configuration File Parameters increased to 1000 lines
    • This helps when you want to have few User Modules and as some do have a lot of configuration parameters. Now they all fit into the configuration backup file. Nice.
  • Firmware Update Improvement
    • The process of firmware update was improved for devices with eMMC memory. One of the benefits is that the firmware update time was reduced significantly. I have noticed this on ICR-3232 and ICR-3232W units. It is very fast.
  • Fix Linux Kernel Vulnerability
    • This update has fixed CVE-2019-19447 (medium) in the Linux kernel.


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