Advantech 4G Router Firmware 6.2.7

January 4, 2021
Advantech 4G Router Firmware 6.2.7
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As always few highlight points with commentary below. For download links scroll to the bottom.

Being a patchlevel release it brings mainly a number of improves and updates. This includes security fixes for 1 critical, 5 high severity, 2 medium severity and 1 low severity vulnerabilities.

A few highlight points from 6.2.7 (as always, you are welcome to check out the Release notes:

  • Wi-Fi configuration updates (short GI and AP bandwidth).

    • The current BW 40 MHz configuration option was replaced with the Bandwidth option, where the 20 MHz, 40 MHz or 80 MHz bandwidth can be chosen. Please note that the 80 MHz bandwidth is supported for the 802.11ac mode and ICR-3200 products only.
  • New security features (user authentication logging, support for hardware UUID for future usage). UUID is stored in U-Boot.

  • New commands to control expansion ports (port1 [on|off|auto|rs232|rs485])

  • Commands permission check.

    • A strict permission check is now performed when running a command requiring the administration (root) permission. This type of command is not executed any more, instead the Permission denied error message is returned. (See Release notes for full description)
  • User Authentication logging - added logging of unsuccessful web login attempts. (example below)

    • 2021-01-04 14:53:18 login_exec.cgi: pam_unix(mhttpd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty= ruser= rhost=  user=root
      2021-01-04 14:53:19 https: user 'root' failed to log in from
  • POSIX message queues support in Linux kernel for usage in a Router App (user module).

  • Update of WiFi Module.

    • The firmware of the Laird SU60 WiFi module updated to fix the throughput issue. Moreover, the module driver was updated to the latest version of number (Affects ICR-3200W unit series only)
Model Version Download
ICR-3232 6.2.7 Firmware - zip
SR-308xxxxx 6.2.7 Firmware - zip
ICR-3232W 6.2.7 Firmware - zip
LR77-v2 6.2.7 Firmware - zip
LR77-v2 Libratum 6.2.7 Firmware - zip
UR5i-v2 6.2.7 Firmware - zip
UR5i-v2 Libratum 6.2.7 Firmware - zip


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