Advantech 4G/LTE Router Firmware 6.3.0

July 29, 2021
Advantech 4G/LTE Router Firmware 6.3.0
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Major release of the firmware is version 6.3.0. brings significant improvements and some extra features. Full change log can be found in Release Notes.

Let's start with some security updates:

New features

Important security updates out of the way, we can look at new addition to web interface and new programs added.

Multiple SSIDs

Support for two independent SSIDs (WLANs) for the WiFi AP mode. There are two independent configuration pages in the GUI called Access Point 1 and Access Point 2.

Route-based VPN policy

Significant enhancement of the IPsec functionality in this firmware release.
The route-based VPN policy is now supported. So both, policy-based and route-based VPN approaches are supported by Advantech routers.

IPsec Certificate-chain Validation

Added support for the certificate-chain based validation to the IPsec tunnel functionality. In the IPsec configuration, users may define a CA certificate without specifying a remote peer certificate. This will accept all peers with certificates signed by this CA.

Updated Syslog Format

Syslog message was changed to meet the RFC 3164 standard. Now, each message has a facility and severity code assigned. The new format enables integration with external log monitoring tools allowing to react in significant events, such as an authentication failure is. Note that the textual output in the router GUI remains no affected by this update.

Here is an example of the new message format, starting with the facility and severity number:
<38>Jul 27 13:41:29 https: user ’root’ logged in from

Fix RS232 hardware flow control



Model Version Download
ICR-3232 6.3.0 Firmware - zip
SR-308xxxxx 6.3.0 Firmware - zip
ICR-3232W 6.3.0 Firmware - zip
LR77-v2 6.3.0 Firmware - zip
LR77-v2 Libratum 6.3.0 Firmware - zip
UR5i-v2 6.3.0 Firmware - zip
UR5i-v2 Libratum 6.3.0 Firmware - zip
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