Advantech 4G/LTE Router Firmware 6.2.9

April 20, 2021
Advantech 4G/LTE Router Firmware 6.2.9
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New firmware brings few new tools, few additional status metrics for Mobile WAN interface and some vulnerability fixes. Full change log can be found in Release Notes.

Let's start with some security updates:

New features and programs

Important security updates out of the way, we can look at new addition to web interface and new programs added.

Added extra metrics for Wireless WAN interface

nformation reported on the Mobile WAN status page was enhanced with new fields for RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, RSCP, Ec/Io and the frequency band number.

Only information supported by cellular module are displayed.

As you can see below RSRP, RSRQ are same values as Signal Strenght and Signal Quality already available.


New programs

There are six new programs supported by the firmware. These programs were added for better support for some management software, but can be used by a user module, in a console, or in a script.

  • basename - Strips directory path and suffix from file.
  • cut - Prints selected fields from each input file to STDOUT.
  • dirname - Strips non-directory suffix from filename.
  • printf - Formats and prints argument(s) acording to specified format (as in C).
  • readlink - Displays the value of a symlink.
  • realpath - Returns the absolute path name of given filename.



Model Version Download
ICR-3232 6.2.9 Firmware - zip
SR-308xxxxx 6.2.9 Firmware - zip
ICR-3232W 6.2.9 Firmware - zip
LR77-v2 6.2.9 Firmware - zip
LR77-v2 Libratum 6.2.9 Firmware - zip
UR5i-v2 6.2.9 Firmware - zip
UR5i-v2 Libratum 6.2.9 Firmware - zip
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