Advantech 4G/5G router Firmware 6.3.7

January 17, 2023
Advantech 4G/5G router Firmware 6.3.7
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Few highlights from this firmware release:

  • Status pages of the web interface can now display live data (no need to refresh a status page manually).
  • Login Banner, a new configuration option for HTTP and SSH logging.
  • Information presented on the Licenses list was enhanced.
  • BusyBox, zlib, inetutils, OpenSSL, glibc, Net-SNMP, curl, and TMP software have been updated to fix severity vulnerabilities.
  • Several miscellaneous fixes and changes to improve security has been applied.
  • Many vulnerabilities reported in the National Vulnerability Database have been resolved.

Please consult Release Notes for full list of changes and more details.
Firmware Download for all models.
For any additional information do not hesitate to contact our technical specialists.

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