Advantech 4G/5G router Firmware 6.3.5

January 17, 2023
Advantech 4G/5G router Firmware 6.3.5
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Few highlights from this firmware release:

  • OpenVPN TAP mode is now supported.

  • Persistent System Log storage to the eMMC memory is supported.

  • The router identification string, used for the remote sys logging, is now configurable.

  • Added support for the dd program, which can be used to copy a file and convert the data format in the process.

  • User Modules menu item was renamed to Router Apps.

  • zlib, OpenSSL, and OpenVPN software have been updated to fix severity vulnerabilities.

  • Several miscellaneous bug fixes and other improvements have been applied.

Please consult Release Notes for full list of changes and more details.
Firmware Download for all models.
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