mVIBE wireless vibration analytics sensor
mVIBE Basic Kit
mVIBE Basic Kit
mVIBE Basic Kit

mVIBE Basic Kit

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mVIBE – wireless vibration and ultrasound meter for industrial application

Software functionality covers

  • Possibility for adjusting of a measured vibration parameter to the most of obligatory standards in machine and civil-engineering structures technical condition assessment
  • Using of root-mean-square (RMS), peak (amplitude, 0-P) and peak-to-peak (P-P) values for vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement, in arbitrary frequency range in 1 Hz – 25,6 kHz band
  • Possible definition of 3 alarm thresholds for vibration level
  • Ultrasound leak detection in compressed air installations
  • Sound signal for instantaneous exceeding of alarm threshold
  • Vibration frequency spectrum plot, resolution of 1Hz
  • 4 markers for frequency spectrum plot with markers of harmonic frequencies and sidebands
  • Vibration time waveform plot
  • 4 markers for a time waveform plot with automatic repeat
  • Presentation of numerical values on a plot
  • Saving of plot view settings in a graphics file
  • Export of frequency spectrum and time waveform to a text file in CSV format
  • On-line operation
  • Readout of transducer precise sensitivity from measurement device
  • Possibility for application testing with the use of smartphone built-in vibration sensors
  • Automatic software update
Type of sensors 2 x piezoelectric accelerometers, ceramics PZT, shear mode, YZ direction 3 x MEMS accelerometer, XYZ direction
3 x MEMS gyroscope, XYZ direction
1 x microphone with ultrasonic capability
Range of measurements ±50 g (other as an option) – PZT accelerometer ±16 g (other as an option) – MEMS accelerometer 120 dB SPL (20 Pa) – microphone
Frequency range of measured vibrations PZT accelerometer: -3dB range 0,4 ... 21000 Hz; 10% range 0,8 ... 10500 Hz
MEMS accelerometer: 0 ... 1500 Hz
Microphone: 2% range 100 ... 10000 Hz; 8dB range 10 ... 20000 Hz and 40 ... 51200 Hz; 14dB range 20 ... 40000 kHz;
Type of analogue-digital converter ΔΣ
Definition of analogue-digital converter PZT accelerometer: 24 bits MEMS accelerometer: 16 bits MEMS gyroscope: 16 bits Microphone: 24 bits
Total noise level PZT accelerometer: 0,8 mgRMS (data for the range ±50 g, fout = 65,536 kHz, frequency range 25,6 kHz)
MEMS accelerometer: 3,0 mgRMS (data for range ±16 g, fout = 8,192 kHz, frequency range 1,5 kHz) Microphone: 30 dB SPL (0,6 mPa) (data for frequency range 20 Hz - 8 kHz)
Effective sampling frequency (fout) (frequency of updating output )

max. 65,536 kHz piezoelectric accelerometer 8,192 kHz max. micro-machine accelerometer 131,072 kHz ultrasonic sensor

Chosen filters

Butterworth low-pass analogue filter, limit frequency
3dB high = 68 kHz (piezoelectric accelerometer only)
first order high-pass analogue filter, limit frequency
3dB low = 0,5 Hz (piezoelectric accelerometer only)
low-pass digital anti-aliasing filter, linear phase, limit frequency automatically adjustable to f
3dB high = 0.49 fout (f0.005dB high = 0.39 fout, f-100dB high = 0,54 fout)

Communication interfaces IEEE802.11b/g/n WiFi, WPA2
frequency range 2,4 to 2,4835 GHz, maximally transmitted power 19.5 dBm@11b, 16.5 dBm@11g, 15.5 dBm@11n
Communication protocol ATC MESbus
Operation conditions Temp -5 to +50°C; humidity: 10..90% RH
Level of protection IP65, dust resistant case, resistant to water jets from any direction (covered microphone placed in a threaded connector)
Optional: API, control functions for Matlab, programming functions adjusted to the application
Power Power
a built-in battery Li-Ion 3,7V/1200mAh, integrated charger 5V/550mA
work time between charging for a new device up to 8h (continuous data transmission) a built-in battery saving mechanisms and protection against overload or a full discharge
Installation external thread M6, included flat magnet holder and measurement pin
Geometric dimensions and mass 40 x 40 x 32 mm, 95 g


Please see a manual below. Vibration analytics involves a multitude of disciplines. Do not hesitate to contact us to validate your use case.