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Managed Modular Media Converter, 10G, 2xXFP (also known as iMcV 860-12100)

  • Interchangeable SFP+ and XFP modules that allow for multiple fiber mode/ type conversion options
  • Supports SNMP when installed in a compatible managed chassis
  • Supports a wide range of SFP+ modules
  • Supports hot-swappable functionality
  • Supports configuration control functionality
  • The user selectable FX LinkLoss feature enables the operator to identify a cable fault failure when the unit is not installed in a managed chassis

The IMC-790-2SFP is a single-wide SNMP manageable module. The IMC-790-2XFP is a dual-wide SNMP manageable module. They both allow network operators to convert an array of fiber types within a network and can be installed in the modular SNMP-manageable iMediaChassis IMC-79x series and in the unmanaged Media Chassis IMC-71x series. The IMC-790-2SFP uses 10Gbps SFP module while the IMC0970-2XFP uses 10Gbps XFP module. Both series are capable of moving large amounts of data over long distance for different applications. The hot-swappable nature of SFP and XFP, the numerous 10G protocols and types that are available all allow for easy configuration and future upgrading as network demands evolve. The protocol-independent with dual SFP ports provide a single conversion between single-mode to multi-mode fiber, single-mode to single-mode fiber, or single-strand to single-mode fiber. The IMC-790-2XFP is protocol-independent with dial XFP ports that can provide a single conversion between copper, different wavelengths or single-mode and multi-mode fiber, single-mode to single-mode fiber or multi-mode to single-strand single-mode fiber. The media converters can be easily configured and managed converters with the GUI-based iView2 software, As an SNMP management application ,iView2 gives network managers the ability to monitor and control IMC series products. When iView2 runs as a web server version, it is free and available for download from the website.

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