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Managed Modular Media Converter, 1000Mbps,SFP (also known as iMcV 856-14201)

  • A single-wide module that allows maximum use of slots in multi-port chassis
  • Supports OAM and VLAN
  • Supports Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT)
  • The SFP port supports both copper and fiber SFPs
  • SNMP manageable
  • Provides a RS-232 CLI (command line interface) console port
  • The modular, hot-swappable architecture reduces operational costs associated with product installation, upgrades, and maintenance.

The IMC-782-SFP media converter connects a host/remote Ethernet network over a fiber optic or CAT5 copper connection. It combines 10/100/1000Mbps to Gigabit fiber media conversion with an advanced feature set including OAM (operation, administration and management), extra-tagging and Ethernet type control functionalities for network management and troubleshooting. Administrators can observe the end-points over the fiber segment between them as a single management entity. Bandwidth scalability and support for MIBs II makes this modular device a versatile Gigabit solution.

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