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Managed Modular Media Converter, DS3, Single-Strand 1310xmt, 40km, SC (also known as iMcV 850-14412)

  • DIP switch selectable protocols
  • Supports alarm indication signals (AIS)
  • Supports remote alarm indications (RAI) (IMC-721I)
  • Supports Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT) (IMC-721T1.E1MUX)

The IMC-723 series enables user to convert coaxial media to single-mode fiber and extend the distance of data transmissions over access networks up to 40km. The series supports premises networking application to convert the incoming circuit to fiber for distribution into the structured cabling system. The IMC-720 series are installed as a host-remote pair and can be remotely managed when the host is installed in an IMC-713/716/719 series with an SNMP management module. Since IMC-700 media converter series management technology functions transparently to the user data, real-time and end-to-end management is provided at all time.

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