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Managed Hardened Modular 2-slot Media Converter Chassis, AC Power (also known as IE-MediaChassis 850-13106)

  • Designed for a variety of media and mode conversion modules
  • Supports a wide range of protocols and future-proof upgrade paths
  • High flexibility for module combinations for different environments
  • Supports SNMP management that uses optional SNMP management modulefor 3/6/20-slot chassis

The IMC-71x series provides conversion of Ethernet-to-fiber and a variety of networking technologies. It enables network operators to drastically reduce the capital and operational expenses bu providing all copper-to-fiber and multi-mode to single-mode conversions and network distance extensions. This modular approach allows network operators to inexpensively change protocols by simply changing the module rather than the entire unit. With AC or DC powering options, it is a economic way to overcome a variety of media and mode conversion challenges.

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